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AqADAPT_1 - Kornat ittica d.o.o. (Vrgada)

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Welcome to the AqADAPT portal. Here you can access data collected using the seawater quality monitoring stations developed within the project AqADAPT - Adapting Marine Finfish Aquaculture to a Changing Climate funded by the Croatian Science Foundation.

Marine finfish aquaculture is an important industry in Croatia with significant growth potential. Since fish are cultured mainly in near-shore cages open to environmental conditions, their growth and well-being, and therefore the aquaculture production, is susceptible to climate change.

The purpose of this interdisciplinary project is to contribute to creating opportunities to improve production and reduce the threat posed by climate change that endangers the viability and development of aquaculture.

We propose to do this by conducting fundamental research into natural processes and applying the results to fish farming biotechnology, and establishing a knowledge base for developing climate change adaptation measures.